Industrial Sewing Machine Purchase!

In August of 2018, the Light and Life Foundation purchased a commercial sewing machine for Hogares Luz y Vida. This long awaited device will enable the staff to construct customized supportive pillows and forms for the children who are physically incapacitated, and were therefore confined to wheel chairs and recliners. Traditional sewing machines are not able to handle the heavy duty plastic covers and stitching needed to craft these supports. However, with the expertise of the occupational therapists, and the creative talents of several personnel, and this remarkable new sewing machine, the children will now receive the support and comfort of proper positioning for their various postural anomalies.


Two Part Presentation by Founder and President Colleen Morey

Colleen shares what she has learned from 22 years and over 50 mission trips to Hogares Luz y Vida orphanage in Bogota, Colombia.

What is Sister Valeriana’s source of inspiration and sustenance? What is her message for us?

How do we embrace and assimilate this same radical love of others into our own relationships and life mission?

How can we apply the experiences and learning from our visits to Hogares Luz y Vida so as to enrich our local community?

Part One: 10/21/18

Part Two: 11/25/18

No registration required

Location: Gateway Methodist Church, Kenmare, County Kerry, Ireland

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fundraiser Update

The Champions Club Installation:  Mission Accomplished!

Heartfelt thanks to all who donated and participated in the installation and inauguration of the Champions Club’s first South American location at Luz y Vida on February 8, 2018.  Champions Club is a specially designed multi-sensory area for kids with special needs that, when paired with a corresponding curriculum, meets the developmental needs of children in four important ways:  spiritually, intellectually, mentally and physically. 

The Champions Club was conceived by Pastor Craig Johnson, inspired by his autistic son, and became a reality at his home church in 2008.  There are now more than 60 Clubs around the world.  The extraordinary multi-sensory room will serve all of the children of Luz y Vida.  Your contributions from the November fundraiser made it all possible. 

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